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Community Resources

The LGBTQ community thrives when supported by accessible and inclusive resources tailored to its diverse needs. From advocacy groups and support hotlines to community centers and online forums, there exists a wide array of resources designed to empower individuals and foster a sense of belonging. 

These resources provide crucial information, counseling, and safe spaces for LGBTQ individuals to connect, seek guidance, and navigate challenges they may encounter. Whether someone is exploring their identity, seeking affirmation, or facing discrimination, these resources offer invaluable support and solidarity. By embracing and utilizing these resources, individuals can cultivate resilience, find community, and embark on journeys of self-discovery with confidence and pride.

The Artemis Center

24/7 Domestic Abuse Hotline
(937) 461-4357


24/7 Hotline
(866) 862-7286

Samaritan Crisis Care

24/7 Hotline Alcohol, Drugs & Suicide Prevention
(937) 224-4646

Trans Lifeline

24/7 Suicide Prevention Hotline
(877) 565-8860

988 Lifeline

24/7 Suicide & Crisis Hotline

The Trevor Project

24/7 Hotline
(866) 488-7368

Gender Diversity Support Group

Dayton Children’s Support Group
(937) 641-3855

Gatlyn Dame Group

Trans, Non-Binary & Allies Support Group
(513) 571-1874

Dr. Barry McCorkle, MD

General/Family Practice
(937) 208-7379

Trans Ohio Cash Assistance

Emergency Fund


PFLAG Dayton

Support Groups & Scholarships
(937) 725-9159

Equitas Health

Health Services
(937) 853-3650

David's Place @ Daybreak

(937) 395-4600

Montgomery County Public Health

Health Services
(937) 225-5700